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Why Travel with Us?

Responsible Eco-tourism and Unique Holiday Experiences.

Walks Ethiopia tour and travel is an Ethiopian Travel Company founded by experience trekkers, tour guides, and tourism business professionals, who are passionate believers in community based tourism.

Dible School found by one of our local guide.

Our staff members are primarily Ethiopians with a proven track record for delivering high quality, reliable and informative tours. We have an extensive knowledge of both our country and the type of services you may require. We apply a flexible approach and can tailor our products to meet your needs. The experienced guides have all attended short and long term courses in the field and have carefully listened to the needs of the traveler and understand the needs of the community too.

Involved in a variety of community projects for sustainable travel, we have already provided practical and financial help to organize the set up and development of primary schools in the Ethiopian highlands (Lamo primary school, Dible primary, Chiroleba primary). The children need basic materials; pens and exercise books regularly, the teachers need support and materials too – this is where we can and do help.

Dible School has given chairs and it's better Organized now.

Travel of people for different purposes or motives has been common in Ethiopia like in other countries all over the world and since the very existence of people in this land. The absence of supporting socio-economic structures, has delayed tourism till now. Walksethiopia tour and travel understand this and as a pioneer for eco-tourism (responsible travel) in the country we commit to putting 10% our annual profits into community projects and developments.