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Luxury Holidays(Historical route): 13/14 Days

Ethiopia is a vast country with a diversified culture and people, unique scenery, endless opportunities for adventure, wildlife and much more….

How to plan your adventure……………..

Individuals or group, we can arrange your tour at any time of the year, in any part of our country. Your wonderful experiences will depend on your interests, the season and the location.  Below are selections of itineraries that are designed to include the classic attractions. If you prefer a tailor made experience that fits the physical and duration needs of your trip we will be happy to oblige.

Luxury holidays (Historical route); 13/14 days:

Explore Ethiopia, one of the most exciting countries in Africa long history, unique culture Adapted Christianity in the 4th century, Visited by a few tourists, get your first and different impressions of the country.


Day 1:  Arrive at Addis Ababa City tour national Museum, church of holy trinity, Mercato, the biggest open air market

Day 2: Drive to Bahirdar along Abay gorge scenery, Debre Damo church, portugues Buildings also admiring the typical county side of Africa,

Day 3: boat trip to the monasteries of Lake Tana where pelvic treasuries and sources of Blue Nile River.

Day 4:  Morning drive to Visit Tis Issat or the Blue Nile falls and a heading to Gondar

Day 5: Visit the castles, Debrebirhan Silasse church and the Fasil bath. Optional visit to Felasha or the Black Jewish village

Day 6: drive to th Simien Mountains and gain your first impression of gorgeous scenery and small walk to see Gelada monkeys (baboons)

Day 7:  Optional 2hrs walk and drive to center of the Simien mountains national park for Wildlife and more scenery

Day 8: drive to Axum along the scenic Limalimo road

Day 9: visit Axum, ancient civilization begun 3000 years back from now where the Ark of the Covenant is found.

Day 11: fly to Lalibela

Day 12, visit the monolithic and rock hewn churches

Day 13: fly back to Addis.

Ethiopian adventure holidays (12-13 days)

Erta Ale (active volcanoes), Dallol(salt lake) the Danakil depression or the Afar triangle also called the afar depression; Dallol and Erta Ale found here, is one of the remotest, lowest and hottest places year round anywhere on earth. Explore Erta Ale; view the live volcano by night, Dallol; sulphur springs, colorful mineral deposits, salt lake and the Endless camel caravansand share life long memory experiences.


Day 1 arrive Addis Ababa, city tour afternoon. Ghion htl

Day 2 drive to Awash national park. Htl or camping

Day 3 drive to Asaita; nice journey through the Rift valley, also see some nice birds.htl

Day 4 drive to Afrera which is deseret of Afar. Camping

Day 5 continue to campsite from which we trek or ride camels to the volcano. Organize our campsite with vehicle support. On camping

Day 6 have early start towards the site of the Volcano with all the necessary food and water. On camping

Day 7 it will be time to explore the area around the volcano at group discretion. Camping

Day 8 return to the main campsite and vehicles. Camping

Day 9 drive to Ahamedele, 3-4 hrs of hard walk not too far away from the salt mining area.

Day 10 early morning starts to walk to site of cutting of the blocks of salt to be transported to mekele. Return to Ahamedele campsite same day. Interesting but long hot day.

Day 11 early morning drive to Dallol, the lowest point of Ethiopia; return to Ahamedela, continue driving to Berahille.

Day 12 drive to Mekelle, arrive lunch time. Htl

Day 13 fly to Addis.

The Omo valley: – wildlife and cultural tours;

The Omo- Valley tribal and cultural route

Visit the Omo valley tribal people and capture the memories of life time experience; Ethiopians astonishing mix of ethnic groups,(largest nature sanctuary) with the Great Rift Valley lakes have many nice water birds, aquatic mammals and beautiful scenery.

Some of the colorful tribes are; the Mursi (clay lip plates), Dorze,(live in special round hut), Karo (body painting), Hamer(bull jumping), Konso,. .


Day ; 1 arrive Addis Ababa, welcome reception and transfer to hotel , after noon city tour; National museum, St.George Cathedral(church of holy trinity),Merkato which is the biggest open air market in Africa. Ghion htl.

Day 2; Drive to Rift valley lakes; Abiyata, Shala, Langano. Visit Abyata, Shala National park, with beautiful view has nice water birds. htl

Day 3; proceed to Arbaminch; visit Chenecha village which is Home for Dorze people has round shaped special houses. Lodge

Day 4; morning visit Netch-Sar national park, possibly see Swaynes Hartbeest, Zebras and more mammals, afternoon boat trip on Lake Chamo see crocodiles, hippos. Lodge

Day 5; Tsemay market and Jinka; admiring Derase, Tsemay, Ari and Benna people, drive to Key Afer, visit the colorful Tsemay market and continue to jinka. Jinka Resort or Camp

Day 6; Mago National park; travel to Mago national park for Mursi village, visit the Mursi people renowned their clay lip plate. Jinka resort or camping

Day 7; Turmi; drive long way from Jinka to Turmi, see the colorful Hamer, Dessanech and Karo people. Evangadi lodge or camping

Day 8; Karo; drive to meet karo people, known for their colorful body paintings. Evangadi lodge or camping

Day 9; to Arba Minch; drive from Turmi to Arba Minch, visiting the villages of Erbore and Konso People. Paradise lodge or Camping

Day 10; Addis Ababa; drive back to Addis from Arba Minch in the morning to get time for souvenir. And we will have Ethiopia food in the traditional Ethiopian Dance.

This tour can be combined with other tours, or made shorter

Trek to Simien mountains (13-14 days)

Trek to the Simien Mountains called the “Roof of Africa”; breathe taking views almost a unique place in the world, wildlife and birds are a tourist paradise there, our guides and staff are well experienced professionals.

Sample Itinerary:

Day 1: arrive Addis Ababa; city tour, national museum, church of trinity.

Day 2: fly to Gondar; we will see the big Abay(Blue Nile) Gorge and the countryside  from the Airplane is interesting; visit the castles, which were built by Ethiopian kings in the 17th century. Debresillasse church which is decorated with Angels photo, Fasil bath where still lots of Christine people Celebrate Timket or the Epiphany. Goha, the hotel is with nice view is extraordinary.

Day 3: drive to Debark-Sankaber; start your acclimation walk (2-3 hrs) along scenic scenery.

Day 4: walk to Gich; enjoying the variety of Equatorial flowers, birds of prey or different sorts, and gorgeous views, fairly easy day (6-7 hrs.)

Day 5: walk to Immetgogo; Along the green field, Lobelia flowering trees steady going up to Immet-Gogo where you can see the chaise pieces of Old god, back to Saha and Kedadit, best views of the Simiens. Relaxing day (5hrs)

Day 6:  continue to Chenneck via Inatye; where the longest drop in the Simeins, also today you      have a better chance to see wildlife and more an amazing views (7-8hrs)

Day 7:  trek to Ambiko; a long trekking day of ascent  and descent, more chance to see Walia Ibex which is the Simien mountain endemic mammal, also birds. Chiroleba, a village we pass through often possible to get some soft drinks and heading to the base campsite. (10-11hrs)

Day 8:  climb to Ras Dejen; this is the hardest day of the trek but our experienced guide will set you nice pause to you will be able to do it safely. You will see on the top chains of mountains rather than a single peak. (11-12hrs)

Day 9: Trek to Sona; today will be more going ups and downs though there is less height gain this day is long. We will see the locals working and walking around. (10hrs)
Day 10: walk down to Mekarebia; a very good descent with lovely views down the Ensia River, is present for you to have swim and have lunch relaxing, then a short ‘flat-esh’ walk to camp is very good to see varieties of colorful birds.(4-5hrs)

Day11: walk to Mulit; Half an hour descent will get us down to Ensia River where will cross this river several times, will have nice views and birds flying from one tree to the other. At Camp, also amazing views of you can see circle round.

Day 12:  Back to Gondar; after 2:30 hrs of our final walk we will get to Adi-Arkay, from where we drive back to Gondar, looking back to the mountains where we have been the last few days and we will pass via Debark. (6-7 hrs of drive)

Day 13: Fly back to Addis; tonight we will have Ethiopian traditional food with local dance ceremony to leave you with good memory of Ethiopian back home.

  • Remark; this trip can also be done in 8 days or even shorter. Or it can be conjugated with, historic routes or  Bale Mountains (the African moorland) for more wildlife and scenery walking

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Tailor-made (culture, history and religious): 7/8 days

Experience the long rich history, uncolonised nation in Africa. Visit Axum, ancient civilization, Lalibela wonders of Ethiopian rock hewn churches, Bahirdar Lake Tana monasteries and the Blue Nile River source and falls.


Day 1:  arrive Addis Ababa; visit the national museum, church of the trinity and Merkato (the biggest open market in Africa.)

Day 2: short flight to Bahirdar, boat trip to the monasteries of Lake Tana which is the sources of Blue Nile River and some old treasuries in the monasteries, visit the Blue Nile falls in the afternoon.

Day 3: Drive to Gondar; visit the castles, which were built by Ethiopian kings in the 17th century. Debresillasse church which is decorated with Angels photo, Fasil house bath where still lots of Christine people Celebrate Timket or the Epiphany swimming in it. Goha, the hotel with nice view is extraordinary.

Day 4: drive to the Simien mountains get breath taking views and Ethiopian Monkeys (baboons)

Day 5: spend luxuries and interesting time watching at the monkeys and scenery view point before your Afternoon drive back to Gondar

Day 6: fly to Lalibela;

Day 7: visit the wonderful monolithic and rock hewn churches

Day 8: back to Addis; traditional dinner and Ethiopian dance before you transfer to the plane fly back home.