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Luxury Holidays(Historical route): 13/14 Days

Ethiopia is a vast country with a diversified culture and people, unique scenery, endless opportunities for adventure, wildlife and much more….

How to plan your adventure……………..

Individuals or group, we can arrange your tour at any time of the year, in any part of our country. Your wonderful experiences will depend on your interests, the season and the location.  Below are selections of itineraries that are designed to include the classic attractions. If you prefer a tailor made experience that fits the physical and duration needs of your trip we will be happy to oblige.

Luxury holidays (Historical route); 13/14 days:

Explore Ethiopia, one of the most exciting countries in Africa long history, unique culture Adapted Christianity in the 4th century, Visited by a few tourists, get your first and different impressions of the country.


Day 1:  Arrive at Addis Ababa City tour national Museum, church of holy trinity, Mercato, the biggest open air market

Day 2: Drive to Bahirdar along Abay gorge scenery, Debre Damo church, portugues Buildings also admiring the typical county side of Africa,

Day 3: boat trip to the monasteries of Lake Tana where pelvic treasuries and sources of Blue Nile River.

Day 4:  Morning drive to Visit Tis Issat or the Blue Nile falls and a heading to Gondar

Day 5: Visit the castles, Debrebirhan Silasse church and the Fasil bath. Optional visit to Felasha or the Black Jewish village

Day 6: drive to th Simien Mountains and gain your first impression of gorgeous scenery and small walk to see Gelada monkeys (baboons)

Day 7:  Optional 2hrs walk and drive to center of the Simien mountains national park for Wildlife and more scenery

Day 8: drive to Axum along the scenic Limalimo road

Day 9: visit Axum, ancient civilization begun 3000 years back from now where the Ark of the Covenant is found.

Day 11: fly to Lalibela

Day 12, visit the monolithic and rock hewn churches

Day 13: fly back to Addis.