Ethiopia is land of discovery, culture and beauty, the cradle of mankind and source of the Blue Nile River with 13 months of sunshine. An old country beyond imagination with a strong culture, and many traditions linked to a rich religious history.   Ethiopia is beautiful in every aspect of appearance, tolerance, history, hospitality and natural resources.

Tis Issat, (Blue Nile falls)

Main attractions

History, culture and religion:

  • Axum; has a history circa 3000 years old with monuments of ancient civilization, the home of the Queen of Sheba and Ark of the Covenant.
  • Lalibela; Monolithic churches ; unique rock hewn churchs, ‘creations of angels’ or also called “African Jerusalem”
  • Gondar; imperial castles, the Camelot of Africa,  history and Coptic Christianity in the 16th century
  • BahirDar; Lake Tana, Coptic Monasteries, source of Blue Nile River, spectacular Blue Nile falls.  30 island monasteries inscribed by UNESCO IN 1978.

A unique landscape – rich in biodiversity:

  • Simein mountains national park; breath taking scenery, endemic mammals, hot spot, a unique place in the world. Where Gelada Baboon ,Semien Fox and Walia endemic to Ethiopia are found and inscribed by UNESCO in 1978.
  • The Bale Mountains in Dinsho Park often called the African moorland is also rich in biodiversity with excellent scenery. Where an enormous number of wild animals are found.  Also the fantastic limestone caves of Sofomer.

Adventure and Geology

  • The Danakil depressions; origins of hominid. An active volcanoes site it is the remotest, lowest and hottest place on earth.

Unique people, culture, lakes and birdlife

  • The Omo valleys; where the colorful tribal people of the African nature sanctuary live. It is a popular tourist attraction, often noted for the ‘mursi tribe’ with their lip plates, the Hamer bull jump and the Karo body paintings
  • The Rift Valley Lakes, Bale and Simein mountains; a paradise for bird watching. Over 820 species 23 of which are endemic to Ethiopia. Our expert guides will tell you the names with describe their tiny differences.

History and religion

  • Harar; ancient walled Muslim city,
  • Debre Damo church; ancient Christianity site.

In addition to the world heritage sites, there are also some interesting attractions, colorful festivals and special events:

Special events and holiday festivals

  • The Ethiopian great run; schedule to November every year in Addis Ababa
  • Timket or Epiphany; January 18 every year in Gondar town
  • Meskel or finding of the true cross; in Addis Ababa  sep.27 every year
  • Genna or Ethiopian Christmas; at Lalibela January 7 every year
  • Coffee ceremony; experience the Ethiopian culture with a coffee ceremony and learn how it coffee originated here in Ethiopia – best coffee in the world!