Ethiopian facts

Ethiopian facts:

Government= federal democratic republic of Ethiopia.                                                                          Profile;


Area= 1.1 million

Capital city= Addis Ababa (pop 3.2 million)

Terrain= high plateau, mountains, dry lowlands

Climate=temperate in high lands, hot in the low lands


Population=81.2 million

Annual population Growth= 2.6 percent

Languages= Amharic (official), Oromifa, Tigregna, Somali,Gurage, Arabic, English . . . over 78 languages are spoken.

Education=attendance (elementary)-87.9, Literacy-43

Workforce=agriculture 80, industry and commerce 20


GDP=29.9 million Birr

Annual growth rate=10.4 percent.

Natural resources=potash, salt. Gold, cupper, platinum, natural gas (unexploited)

Currency= Ethiopian birr, ETB

Time and date=has a different time and date, but, local time= GMT+3.

Ethiopian Travel map:

Note: the administrative divisions of Harari, Addis Ababa, and Dire Dawa are included in Oromia

Southern Ethiopia
  • Addis Ababa – Capital of Ethiopia and the city is one of the biggest shopping cities in Africa.
  • Adama — a popular weekend destination; also known as (Nazret)
  • Aksum — home of ancient tombs and stelae fields, near Eritrea
  • Bahir Dar — the monasteries on the islands of Lake Tana and close to the beautiful Blue Nile Falls
  • Dire Dawa — the second largest city of Ethiopia
  • Gondar — some of East Africa’s only castles
  • Harar — ancient walled city
  • Lalibela — home to 11 astonishing rock-hewn churches
  • Mekele —— a town in the Tigrayan Highlands.

Other destinations

Ethiopia is placed among African countries of Kenya, South-Africa, Tanzania and Zambia for preserving and well maintaining national parks for tourist attraction. The southern and south-western part of the country has a stunning natural beauty with a huge potential of becoming a unique resort.