Responsible travel

Why choose us?

Today the global concerns for the environment, community participation for developments, and improvements the living conditions of poor people have become justifications for alternative development programs and models. Community-based Tourism is used to describe a variety of activities that encourage and support a wide range of objectives in economic and social development and conservation.

The key rationale underlying the approach and objectives of Community-based Tourism for conservation and development is that Community-based Tourism through increased intensities of participation can provide widespread economic and other benefits and decision-making power to communities. These economic benefits act as incentives for participants and the means to conserve the natural and cultural resources on which income generation depends.



These development approaches are Eco-Tourism, Pro-poor tourism and community based tourism. And this focus on environment protection, social justice and conservation- linked enterprise developments. Alternatives, reasonably revenue flow as well revenue reinvestment for economic revitalization among local communities. Further more our company ensures the practicality of the following Principles of Community Based Tourism.

Recognize, support and promote community ownership of tourism

Involve community members in the start in every aspect

Promote community pride

Improve quality of life

Ensure environmental sustainability

Preserve the unique character and culture of the local area

Foster cross-cultural learning

Respect cultural differences and human dignity

Distribute benefits fairly among community members

Contribute a fixed percentage of income to community projects

And those will meet the goal of:

  • Economic sustainability
  • Ecologically sustainability
  • Cultural sustainability
  • Local sustainability

A reminder of who we are and why we are different…………….

Our company and all staff members have a detailed knowledge of responsible travel but also have very positive attitudes and personalities towards to community benefits. We have evolved in real community projects to set up some schools; Lamo, Dible, Chiroleba, primery schools, all in Simien high land areas.

  • Fundraising for children on the Ethiopian great run
  • Work has started on a park management plan in Simien mountains towards eco-tourism
  • Currently building an Eco- lodge in the Simein Mountains.

Eventually our company decided to put 10 percent of its annual profit for community projects and developments

If you are interested in any volunteering, have a unique skill, or project idea to help to the community in any aspect, we can help in many ways. Please contact us;